The EB5 Effect

Taking the EB5 Visa route to obtain green card is the safest and most transparent way to US immigration.

About EB5

Created by the Immigration Act of 1990, the EB-5 investment immigration program , also known as EB5 visa or EB5 green card, offers a fast-track route to a U.S. green card. Applicants are required to invest a minimum of $500,000 (approximately 3.7 Crores) in prescribed government projects to receive their green card. Under the EB5 Visa program, the investor, spouse and kids below the age of 21 are liable to be allotted permanent residence green cards. Applications are processed primarily on the basis of legal source of funds.

The investment is locked-in typically for 5 years from the date of funding. After earning 1% interest year-on-year, the principal amount is returned after the 5-year period has elapsed. This lock in period may vary from project to project.

Only when the Visa is successfully processed by USCIS, the amount is transferred from the escrow to the project. If for any reason the application is rejected or investor chooses to withdraw, the entire amount is directly transferred from the escrow account back to the investor.

Benefits of EB5 Investor Visa

Hassle-free approach to gaining permanent residency in the United States for investors and their immediate family

Flexibility to reside and work anywhere in the U.S.

Free schooling in public schools, with reduced in-state tuition fee at public universities

No visa sponsor requirements

No H-1B work visa needed for employment

Leeway to apply for U.S. citizenship after completion of 5-years-term as a permanent resident

Assured annual interest

Principal amount repaid at the end of 5 years

Our investors are not required to create any employment from their end as employment is created by TPA

Process to get EB5 visa

The EB5 Visa process is simple and transparent with the only emphasis being on well documented source of funds.
Our project has a 100% success track record of obtaining visas for every application processe


Document lawful source
of funds and file I-526


Transfer amount into
safe escrow account


Attend Visa interview
at the nearest consulate


Receive conditional green card
upon arrival in USA


Receive permanent Green Card
after 18 months


Apply for citizenship (Optional)


The EB5 Visa program prescribes two types of investments. A general EB5 Visa is allocated to those individuals who can furnish a sound business plan to start a new business in USA. The business should involve a minimum investment of 1 million USD and the business is obligated to create a minimum of 10 jobs for local American citizens The other option to get green card through EB5 Visa route involves the regional centre program, which we promote. USCIS identifies certain financial companies with good track record of investing in real estate and infrastructure projects. A suitable project is also identified in a high unemployment area and is connected to regional centre.

For such programs, an investor has to invest just USD 500,000. No business has to be setup nor any employment to be created by the investor. The regional centre is obligated to pay an annual interest to the investor and also return the principal amount in generally 5-6 years based on project feasibility. USCIS also identifies certain important, prestigious projects backed by very high quality developers with 100% track record as as EB5 Priority Project. Such EB5 priority projects are very safe pathways to acquiring green card through EB5 visa. Trade Point Atlantic (TPA) is one of the most prestegious and safest projects in the entire EB5 Visa program

What you can do with a green card through EB5 Visa


Setup your own business in the land of opportunity- any scale, any type, any location in the United States. From a community-based mom-and-pop store, to a nationwide corporate establishment, the business world is at your feet! You are entitled to draw revenue from as many businesses in the USA as you wish. USA, being the world’s largest and most stable economy, provides immense opportunities for wealth creation through business for Indian nationals. With strong community based support systems and global networks in place, Indian origin businessman are well placed to take advantage of the massive scale of the US economy. Add to this the bank interest provided on your EB5 visa investment and the fact that the principal amount is returned at the end end of just 5 years while you continue to enjoy the benefits of the permanent residence visa. This could further fund expansion of business or investment into new ventures. The possibilities are endless once you get your permanent residence green card through EB5 business investment visa.


The EB5 Visa program provides for green cards for the primary investor, spouse and children below the age of 21. This means free schooling in US public schools and reduced costs, by more than half, for higher education. A degree from a reputed university in the USA is recognized the world over. It draws 7 figure salaries from top Fortune 500 companies. Traditional student visas offer exorbitantly expensive courses with no guarantee of landing a job. There is a very good chance of having to return to India with a degree from a reputed college and a heavy burden of loan. EB5 visa eliminates this uncertainty and provides for highly subsidised college education and an unlimited stay permit.


The EB5 visa green card provides working Indian professionals and techies a tremendous opportunity to exponentially multiply their earnings and domain level exposure. Leave a mark on your industry with skills that can make a difference. Through our EB5 Visa green card you will be eligible to reside and work anywhere in the USA. You can choose from a wide range of jobs, fully assured of sumptuous compensation. No more too much work with too little pay. Here’s your ticket to job freedom with celebrated salaries!


Citizens of the USA can travel to over 165 countries without a passport. The EB5 business investment visa allows you to apply for U.S citizenship and U.S. passport after 5-6 years of permanent residency. Not only will you enjoy all the benefits of owning a US citizenship, you can also fulfil your dreams of hassle-free travel around the world. Yes, a U.S. passport can be the most powerful document needed to transform dreams into reality. Check with our advisors about how to utilise EB5 visa green card effectively to ensure higher chances of being awarded U.S citizenship speedily