• The simplest way to migrate to USA

    Invest in US government identified projects & obtain a fast track green card through EB5 investment visa

  • Tailored for High Networth Individuals

    Investment of approx Rs 3.7Cr earns an interest o 1% PA and is repaid after 5 years

  • Trade Point Atlantic
    USCIS exemplar approved EB5 priority project

    One of the most prestigious and safest EB5 projects backed by US Govt.

What is

Under EB5 Visa program, when a foreign individual invests a specified amount into a certain pre approved project, the US government in return allocates green cards to the investor and his family

Simple process. Assured results

The EB5 Visa process is simple and transparent with the only emphasis being on well documented source of funds. Our project has a 100% success track record of obtaining visas for every application processed

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What you can do with a green card


Setup your own business in the land of opportunity- any scale, any type, any location in the U.S

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Take advantage of subsidized schooling and higher education fees and empower your children's future

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EB5 visa enables foreign professionals & techies to enjoy priority treatment in the land of opportunity

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EB5 visa allows you to apply for U.S citizenship and U.S. passport after cooling off period

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Trade Point Atlantic

Trade Point Atlantic (TPA) is easily the most prestigious, promising and strategically important project covered under the EB5 Visa program. Unlike most typical EB5 developments, TPA is an EB5 priority project as identified by USCIS, which means that investors taking EB5 Visa route are the first to be repaid

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